Gift cards from major retailers, all at the Gift Station - the place to get the perfect gift every time



What is the Gift Station?

The Gift Station is the source for gift cards. It lets stores all over New Zealand offer their own gift cards for sale, in their own stores and also lets them sell their gift cards through other stores.

What is the administration centre?

It's a section of the Gift Station web site that allows Gift Station retailers and support office staff to access reports and sales data, perform card related functions such as balance checking , log faults and find assistance with accounts and card related queries.

Why can't I register online?

The information available to retailers within the administration centre is confidential. For your protection, epay requires you to complete a registration form to apply for a login.  Please call the epay helpdesk on 0508 372 969 to request a registration form. If other staff within your organisation already have a login, talk to your store administrator.